You can’t go wrong with traditional cuisine and sometimes a touch of modernity can enhance the experience. Fortunately for us, Stella Restaurant knows this all too well and specializes in classic Pinoy dishes.

Stella Restaurant or more commonly known as Stella is a restaurant and bar located at Greenfields Building along Diversion Road.

When you walk inside you’ll be greeted with rainforest themed murals giving you that tropical vibe that is just perfect for Instagrammable moments. The restaurant is really serene and inviting that it would be a great place not only to dine but also to bond with friends or family or enjoy your own personal time if you’re dining solo. There’s even a small lounge at the corner where you can drink coffee in peace and let all your stressful thoughts fade away even just for a moment.

Their bestsellers include

Krispy Kare Kare at P395

Spicy/Baked Scallops at P200

Buttered Chicken at P330

and Stella’s Secret at P200.

Stella’s Secret is actually comprised of talaba cooked in an adobo style way with a twist. The talaba are chewy and scrumptious and they’re drenched in its adobo sauce which is savory and rich and drizzled with various herbs and spices.

The Buttered Chicken also stands out in its own way. Most if not all of us love the taste of buttered chicken but their version really brings out the buttery taste to go along with the crispy, juicy meat.

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