On average, thousands of siopao’s are produced daily by Roberto’s. Ilonggos flock the sole branch of the restaurant to satisfy their craving for regular, jumbo, queen- and king-sized siopao stuffed with pork or chicken adobo, longganisa, ham, bacon, and egg. There is no better tasting siopao in town than that of Roberto’s. Even Ilonggos abroad would usually ask friends and relatives who come home to bring them some of Roberto’s siopao and hamburger.

Grab some king-sized siopao for yourself from Roberto’s when you visit Iloilo. But, don’t forget to bring some home for your family and friends so they can have a taste of this special from Iloilo as well.

Source: Bangero, H. (2016). Iloilo Delicacies and Pasalubong You Shouldn’t Miss. https://yoorekka.com/magazine/2016/06/30/iloilo-pasalubong-and-souvenir-shops-you-shouldnt-miss/