You will immediately identify the baggage carousel assigned for flights coming from Iloilo as you arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. How? It’s the one usually loaded with boxes from Original Biscocho Haus. It has been a tradition that no Ilonggo leaves the province without a pack or box from Original Biscocho Haus.

Photo courtesy of Biscocho Haus

Remember to set aside time packing a box of butterscotch bars, biscocho (butter toast), galletas (thin and crisp cookies), barquillos (wafer rolls), and other food stuff from the Original Biscocho Haus. You can find branches in SM City Iloilo, Plazuela, Atria, and Robinson’s Place Iloilo.

Source: Bangero, H. (2016). Iloilo Delicacies and Pasalubong You Shouldn’t Miss.