#5DaysToGo and here are 5 Ways on How To Get Into the Dinagyang Spirit!

A Dinagyang first-timer? Worry not. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you enjoy the grandest festival in the country!


1. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. The streets of Iloilo City will transform into a haven for pedestrians because it will virtually be car-free (except for official vehicles with Dinagyang car passes) so expect to walk, walk, and walk!


2. WORK IT, GIRRRL! This is also the time where you can wear any outfit with nary a care in the world and the whole of Iloilo won’t mind at all! You can don a headdress, put on some warrior paint, get a henna tattoo or tattoo stickers, and simply express yourself!


3. NO FLASHING. Er, it’s not what you think it is. (But if you’re thinking along that route, the answer is still no ) But what we meant is no flashing of jewelry or any other expensive gadgets to avoid any invitation of trouble. Better be prudent (and prude?) than be sorry!


4. MORE NO’S FOR YOU! Sorry to rain on your parade but if you want to have a worry-free celebration, be aware that the City of Iloilo is a smoke-free city. Ask around first and identify a recognized smoking area before you light that stick! Also, don’t think of bringing a car downtown or ride in one. Best bet is to get down at the nearest entrypoint and just walk all the way through.


5. PATRONIZE OUR LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS! There will be booths all over showcasing different Ilonggo delicacies and other homemade goodies. Iloilo City is a culinary destination and you might as well sample all the dishes in a slew of food festivals around town! So, you can literally have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and all things in between just by staying on the streets. (Don’t forget to bring cash!) For your convenience, there will be public toilets available around the City.


And, of course, don’t forget to take pictures, smile, and simply have a grand time in the City of Love! And if you still haven’t mapped out your itinerary, check out the schedule of activities below. Hala Bira!



Source: www.facebook.com/Iloilo-Dinagyang-2020